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Alice In Wonderland Comes to Midway

Spring Play April 24th and 25th

FBLA State Leadership Conference

By: Mackenze Jones

The Midway FBLA chapter took a trip to Springfield, Missouri, on April 12-14 for the annual FBLA State Leadership Conference. The theme this year was “Step Up to the Challenge.” Members who attended were Tessa Mills, Hunter Oakes, Cameron Stricker, and President Mackenze Jones. Advisor Theresa Bynum also attended. Mills, Oakes, and Stricker had all placed at district competition in February to advance to state competition. There were no state winners from, but the chapter hopes to send even more members to state competition next year and even advance to nationals. 

Photo: (L to R): Hunter Oakes competed in Computer Problem Solving and Networking Concepts, Cameron Stricker competed in Policies and Procedures, Midway president Mackenze Jones was a voting delegate, and Tessa Mills competed in Business Procedures.

Basketball Fundraiser

Teacher vs Students

Maddie Anderson and Alex Harrison

The Midway Elementary teachers held a fundraiser for the elementary students in which 3rd- 6th grade played basketball against the teachers and k-2nd grade played mini games between the basketball games. The event was held on Thursday, April 9.

The teacher participants were Coach Chamberlain, Mrs. Dean, Mr. Dean, Mr. Keller, Mr. Stahl, Mr. Meredith, Mrs. Flanagan, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Newkirk, Mrs. Lenard, Mrs. Carver, and Mrs. Stephens.

Many students took part in the games from all grades. The teachers beat all the grades in basketball except for fifth grade.  When there was a tie, they resorted to having a dance off and the fifth graders took the gold and beat the teachers.

Basketball Fundraiser

Midway Blood Drive

By: Anna Breeden

On Tuesday March 30, the Midway SGA organized a blood drive for students and teachers. The blood drive was through the Community Blood Center and was located in the cafeteria. About 40 people signed up to donate and they collected 30 units of blood. 

Blood Drive

PTO Sock Hop

By: Anna Breeden

On Friday, March 27, the PTO held many fundraisers.  A pulled pork dinner was held for the families before the fun began. The kids enjoyed a sock hop and different games while the adults could partake in a silent auction and bingo.  Coach CJ Chamberlin was the DJ for the evening.  Around 100 adults that attended and they were able to raise $2,500. UMB Bank donated the prizes for bingo. 

PTO Sock Hop

Elementary Students of the Month

Back row, from the left - Sydney Miller, Bodee HInkle, Aubrey Cheatum
Front row, from the left - Gabe Bridgers, Wyatt Holder, Addison Lewis, Elizabeth Nonato

All Conference/All District Basketball

Emily Akasmit earned 2nd team All-Conference and 1st team All-District, Mariah Keeney earned All-Conference Honorable Mention, Clay Dahman earned All-Conference Honorable Mention, and Tyler Wright earned 1st team All-Conference and 1st team All-District.  

State Band and Choir Competition

By: Tiara Irvin 

The Midway Band traveled to Paseo for the State Band Competition on Friday, March 27. On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the best, their scores were mostly 2s. Band director, Mr. Tracy Smith, said they did a lot better than last year and the sight reading was much better.

The Choir left for their State Competition on Saturday, March 28. Choir director, Mr. Brad Meredith, said he was very proud of the choir. Their scores were mostly 2s and the sight reading did much better than they did last year. 

Skills USA Contest

by Madison Anderson

Tayler Minta and Jake Lambertz qualified for state in the 3rd Spelling SkillsUSA District Competition on February 13. Placing in districts helped them move on to state. Tayler Minta placed in 2nd for Health Occupation Portfolio and Jake placed 4th in Job interview.


2nd Annual Mr. Viking Contest

By Madison Anderson, Alex Harrison, Anna Breeden, and Tiara Irvin

On Thursday, March 20, the second annual Mr. Viking Contest was held.  Each contestant competed in four categories: formal wear, beach wear, talent, and interview.  Each high school class and club had a representative in the contest.  Between each category, Wes Clark auctioned off items that had been donated from local businesses or collected from various organizations at the school.  All proceeds from the night’s events go to the Letterman’s club.

The night began on in interesting note with a performance from “Purple Kiss,” better known as the football coaches.  Coaches L. Burchett, Riggs, Dean, Stahl, and B. Burchett combined their talents for the opening act lip-syncing to Kiss’s “Rock ‘n Roll.” 

Taking the crown of Mr. Viking this year was senior, Jackson Eberle.  Jackson was representing the senior class.  The judges were impressed by Jackson’s numerous poses in the formal wear competition and his creative poetry readings in the talent competition. 

The first category of the night was formal wear.  This category was won by senior, Jake Lambertz.  Many of the contestants wore suits, but some tried to be creative by wearing colorful pants or jeans.  In the end, the suits won out along with the contestants’ ability to pose and play to the audience. 

The winner of the beach wear was junior, Michael O’Brien. He wore his swim trunks with a lobster attached to his back side. There was a wide variety of beach wear amongst all the contestant. For example, Wyatt Mabary wore a barrel for his beach attire.

The winner of the talent category was senior, Clay Dahman. He sang and played the guitar while John Allin played the harmonica and Wyatt Mabary played the guitar and sang backup vocals.  Although they performed together, the judges score them individually for their talents.  Joel Suarez also entertained the audience with a stunning piano performance.  Other talents included lip-syncing and dancing, comedy, and saxophone playing. 

Wyatt Mabary won the interview category of the Mr. Viking pageant.  Wyatt drew Ms. Pickard’s name out of the hat.  His question was “How would you describe the color purple to a blind person.”  Instead of answering the question directly, Wyatt chose to chastise Ms. Pickard for discriminating against blind people and telling her that she should be ashamed of herself.   

Coach Larry Burchett and the Letterman’s club would like to thank all contestants and judges, those who donated items to auction, and those who purchased items at the auction, and all those in attendance.  This has really become a fun event for everyone involved and we hope to keep it going as an annual event. 

Mr. Viking



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20th T&F Midway Relays (JH) 3:45pm

21st T&F Archie Invitational (HS) 4pm

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27th T&F Midway Relays (HS) 3:45pm

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30th T&F Prairie View Invitational (HS) 4pm