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2nd Annual Mr. Viking Contest

By Madison Anderson, Alex Harrison, Anna Breeden, and Tiara Irvin

On Thursday, March 20, the second annual Mr. Viking Contest was held.  Each contestant competed in four categories: formal wear, beach wear, talent, and interview.  Each high school class and club had a representative in the contest.  Between each category, Wes Clark auctioned off items that had been donated from local businesses or collected from various organizations at the school.  All proceeds from the night’s events go to the Letterman’s club.

The night began on in interesting note with a performance from “Purple Kiss,” better known as the football coaches.  Coaches L. Burchett, Riggs, Dean, Stahl, and B. Burchett combined their talents for the opening act lip-syncing to Kiss’s “Rock ‘n Roll.” 

Taking the crown of Mr. Viking this year was senior, Jackson Eberle.  Jackson was representing the senior class.  The judges were impressed by Jackson’s numerous poses in the formal wear competition and his creative poetry readings in the talent competition. 

The first category of the night was formal wear.  This category was won by senior, Jake Lambertz.  Many of the contestants wore suits, but some tried to be creative by wearing colorful pants or jeans.  In the end, the suits won out along with the contestants’ ability to pose and play to the audience. 

The winner of the beach wear was junior, Michael O’Brien. He wore his swim trunks with a lobster attached to his back side. There was a wide variety of beach wear amongst all the contestant. For example, Wyatt Mabary wore a barrel for his beach attire.

The winner of the talent category was senior, Clay Dahman. He sang and played the guitar while John Allin played the harmonica and Wyatt Mabary played the guitar and sang backup vocals.  Although they performed together, the judges score them individually for their talents.  Joel Suarez also entertained the audience with a stunning piano performance.  Other talents included lip-syncing and dancing, comedy, and saxophone playing. 

Wyatt Mabary won the interview category of the Mr. Viking pageant.  Wyatt drew Ms. Pickard’s name out of the hat.  His question was “How would you describe the color purple to a blind person.”  Instead of answering the question directly, Wyatt chose to chastise Ms. Pickard for discriminating against blind people and telling her that she should be ashamed of herself.   

Coach Larry Burchett and the Letterman’s club would like to thank all contestants and judges, those who donated items to auction, and those who purchased items at the auction, and all those in attendance.  This has really become a fun event for everyone involved and we hope to keep it going as an annual event. 

Mr. Viking


Conference Cupstacking Tournament

Midway Cup Stacking Results

By Laine Mills

On February 20 Midway hosted the WEMO conference cup stacking tournament for elementary students. Adrian, Archie, Appleton City, Drexel and Midway attended the event. Students from kindergarten through sixth grade competed in 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and the cycle stacks during the competition. The students were also allowed to participate in a “buddy race,” where 2 students, using one hand each, collaborated to stack the cycle. Taylor Kuntz and Adison Carver won the 4th grade buddy race and Jessie Humbird and Adison Carver won the 6th grade buddy race. Adison Carver set a new WEMO record in the 3-3-3 with a time of 2.38. The event was coordinated by elementary physical education teacher C. J. Chamberlin.

Kindergartener Lillie Burchett earned 3rd place in the 3-3-3 cycle and 1st place in the 3-6-3 cycle, and kindergartener Brodi Cook earned 1st place in the cycle. First grader Trevor Kuntz earned 2nd place in the 3-3-3, 1st place in the 3-6-3, and 3rd place in the cycle. Second grader Piper Martin earned 3rd place in the cycle. Fourth grader Adison Carver earned 1st place in the 3-3-3 and 3rd in the cycle. Fifth grader Bailey Martin earned 3rd place in the 3-6-3. Sixth grader Kaitlyn Branson earned 3rd place in the 3-6-3, and sixth grader Jessie Humbird earned 1st place in the 3-3-3, 1st place in the 3-6-3, and 1st place in the cycle.

Congratulations to all participants and winners on a great tournament!  


Elementary Science Fair

By: Emily Rockley


The 6th annual Midway Elementary Science Fair was held in the North Gym on Friday, February 18. Over 200 people were served pizza for dinner before viewing the Science Fair.

The winners for the Science Fair for each grade are listed below:

4Brumbaugh - 1st - Adison Carver, 2nd - Kyle Spies, 3rd - Wyatt Holder

4Carver - 1st - Chris Richardson, 2nd - Troy Hagedorn, 3rd - Taylor Kuntz

5Stahl - 1st - Bailey Martin, 2nd - Bynnlin Kroymann, 3rd - Harrison Kalinka

5Flanagan - 1st - McAllister Burton, 2nd - Logan Meerkatz, 3rd - Sheldon Hineman

6Dean - 1st - Hunter Yahnig, 2nd - Drake Dubinick, 3rd - Kaitlyn Branson

6Brown - 1st - Mason Yahnig, 2nd - Logan Stephens, 3rd - Jessie Humbird

Elementary Students of the Month

Back row-from the left - 3rd grade Aubrie Dean, 6th grade Logan Hull, 5th grade Faith Lueker
Front row-from the left - Kindergarten Dakota Dean, 4th grade Blake Zumwalt, 1st grade Konnor Pruett, 2nd grade Izzy Richardson

Kindergarten Round-up 2015
Wednesday April 1st, 6:30-7:30pm.
If you have a child that will be five years old prior to August 1, 2015, Please call the Elementary Office 
@ 816-250-2994 x.402


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24th T&F UCM Indoor (HS) 1pm--Warrensburg

26th T&F Butler Invitational (HS) 4pm

27th PTO-Dinner, Bingo, Auction, Sock Hop 5pm

30th T&F Archie Invitational (HS) 4pm

31st T&F Butler Relays (JH) 4pm


1st Kindergarten Round-Up 6:30pm

2nd T&F Central Heights Invitational (HS) 3pm


6th NO SCHOOL--Staff Work Day

7th T&F Midway Invitational (HS) 3:45pm

10th T&F Midway Combo (JH/HS) 3:45pm

13th T&F Archie Invitational (JH) 4pm

13th T&F Pleasanton Invitational (HS) 3:30pm

14th PTO Monthly Meeting 6:30pm

15th T&F Midway Invitational (JH) 3:45pm

16th T&F Adrian Invitational (HS) 4pm

20th T&F Midway Relays (JH) 3:45pm

21st T&F Archie Invitational (HS) 4pm

23rd T&F Adrian Invitational (JH) 4pm

24th T&F Barstow Invitational (HS) 12:30pm

27th T&F Midway Relays (HS) 3:45pm

28th T&F Archie Invitational (JH) 4pm

30th T&F Prairie View Invitational (HS) 4pm