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Fire Safety Assembly

By: Emily Rockley and Rachel Eason

On October 10 Midway Elementary hosted a Fire Safety Assembly for all grades. Local volunteer firefighters came to school and spoke about what to do if students were ever a fire situation. The firefighters taught certain safety procedures such as stop, drop and roll. They also reminded students to change the batteries in the smoke alarm, and to make sure their families have a first aid kit and map of their escape plan and meeting place.  

Several Midway first graders display the fire helmets they received at the fire safety assembly.


Lady Vikings Place 2nd in WEMO Tourney

Pancakes for Parents

By Tessa Mills

Photo caption: 2013 Pancake flipping champion C. J. Chamberlin turns over the crown to the 2014 champion Chad Dean.


The Midway Cafeteria hosted the 11th annual Pancakes for Parents on October 9. Students and their families were invited to enjoy some pancakes and watch the pancake flipping competition. This year approximately 267 students, parents, and faculty attended. That exceeds last year’s attendance by 87 people and has set the record for the turnout.

This year the flipping winner was Mr. Chad Dean. He was able to reclaim his crown from a shocking loss last year when he was conquered by Coach C.J. Chamberlin. He was able to triumph this year with 149 complete tosses and catches.

A big thanks goes out to the volunteers who helped, as well as food services director Donna Hoover, who spearheads the event every year. Hoover said, “It was AWESOME!! It was the best turnout we have ever had. The parents and staff are what made it so successful, and every one had a ‘flipping’ good time.”

1,000 page Reading Celebration

By Tessa Mills


What better way to spend the summer then reading? That’s exactly what 37 Midway students and staff did. They all read at least 1000 pages and were invited to celebrate it at school. On Thursday, September 18, the elementary students attended a Kansas City Zoo to You presentation, which included a pigmy hedgehog, a snake, an African centipede, and a chicken. They also got to make ice cream sundaes and eat them after the presentation. The celebration was hosted by Midway Librarian Nancy Southard.

The students who read over 1000 pages were Aidan Battin, Kennedy Stewart, and Zerek Sieczkowski from 1st grade; Aubrey Cheatum, Miguel Nonato, James Carver, and Harlee Newkirk from 2nd grade; Kila Burchett, Angelica Fisher, Noah Meerkatz, Skyler Warden, and Aubrie Dean from 3rd grade; Amanda Engel, Evan Williams, Abbey Dahman, and Chloe Daily from 4th grade; Logan Meerkatz, Andy Thomas, Emily Powell, Bradley Hewitt, Kiarra Adkins, Will Dahman, Mallori Boyer, and Samara Lewis from 5th grade; Deven  Webb, T.J. Cheatum, Morgan Irvin, and Kendra Damron from 6th grade. The highest number of pages read in the elementary was Miguel Nonato with 2,404, the second was Aubrie Dean with 2,355, the third highest was Chloe Daily with 2,018.

Kila Burchett, 3rd grade, said that her favorite part was seeing the hedgehog and eating the ice cream.

Aubrie Dean, 3rd grade, said that her favorite part was getting to eat the ice cream. She also said that she would do it again next summer.

Amanda Engel said her favorite part was when the Zoo people showed up, and that she, too, would do it again next summer.

The High School was invited to a breakfast celebration in the secondary library on September 9 before school. They were fed donuts, an egg and sausage breakfast casserole, and fruit. “The breakfast was really good,” said Garrett Williams. They were also gifted with a $10 coupon to use toward a book at any one of Midway’s Scholastic Book Fairs. The Jr. High students eligible for this reward were Ciara Battin and Garrett Williams, both from 7th grade. The High School Students were Bailey Dean, Chris Oelke, Jessie Geivett, and Tessa Mills. The staff participants were Mrs. Southard,  Amy Dahman, and Sue Matz.


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