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2015 Soundwave


By: Kevin McAfoos

Midway instrumental music instructor Tracy Smith recently announced the names of the new members of the band Soundwave.

Vocalists are Jordon Dowell, Mackenzie Jones, Gina Smith and Taylor Mayfield.

Guitarists are Mackenzie Jones, Jordan Dowell, Chris Drechsel, Emma Dowell and Tyler Aipperspach.

Pianists are Mackenzie Bauerle and Gina Smith.

Bassists are Joe Zielinski, Zach Rogers, Emma Dowell and Hunter Oakes.

Percussionists are Kevin McAfoos, Joel Suarez, Jordan Dowell, Tyler Aipperspach.

Trumpet players are Jordan Dowell, Taylor Mayfield, Tyler Aipperspach and Darla Brown.

The saxophone section consists of only Avalon Howard.

Trombone players are Zach Rogers, Hunter Oakes and Chris Drechsel.

Tracy Smith said, "Looking forward to some exciting performances."