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Food For America

Food for America

By FFA Reporter Maggie Riggs, Sentinel Alyssa Bayard and Secretary Shelby Drake

Sophomore Joeseph Zielinski hand-feeds a goat at Midway's Food for America day.

Photo credit: Devyn Worthley


            On September 24 students of various agriculture classes gathered in the Midway R-I student parking lot to educate the elementary, junior high, and high school students about the different aspects and importance of agriculture to their everyday lives.  Midway Ag class students, each with their own booth, gave presentations about agriculture-related topics, such as beef cattle, swine, meat and dairy goats, poultry, forestry, hunting and fishing, certain foods, combines, tractors and much more. The agriculture class and FFA advisor is Mr. Austin Gray.


            Mrs. Mandy Grimes, first grade teacher, commented on her students’ experience at the Food for America event: “My kids learned a lot of information that they are still retaining. They definitely gained a lot of knowledge.” Her students were big fans of the pig, goat, and tractor booths.