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National FFA Convention

FFA National Convention

By Shelby Drake and Alyssa Bayard

Members of the Midway FFA Chapter took a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the FFA National Convention from October 29 through November 1, 2014. FFA members on the trip included; Shelby Drake, Megan Yahnig, Alyssa Bayard, Emily Hastie, Natalie Owens, Gina Smith, Avalon Howard and Mackenzie Baurle.

The students attended an Easton Corbin and Justin Moore concert on the night of arrival in Kentucky. The following morning, October 30, the students went to the opening session of the FFA Convention where keynote speaker, Nick Vujicic, enlightened members of the FFA about how he lives a happy life despite his challenges and how it is important to see the good in all things. Members then attended the FFA Career Show.

On October 31 the students toured the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. There they learned about the Kentucky Derby and breeds of horses all over the world, and they rode in a carriage around the park and watched a horse show. Later in the day, the students’ second informative tour was held at a company called Food Chain. This institution explained how Food Chain uses aquaponics and hydroponics to produce both fish and plant crops. The fish and plants have a symbiotic relationship in which the fish produce fertilizer that helps the plants grow and the plants make water usable for the fish. The third tour of the day was held at the Todd Clark Farm, where students learned about tobacco production and harvest operation and free range turkey and chicken production. That night, all attended the Derby Dinner Theatre for some entertainment. Here a Halloween-themed play was performed as the audience ate dinner.

On November 1 the FFA members attended the Eighth Session of the National Convention to watch the 'Star Award' ceremony where students could see successful SAE programs from around the nation and get inspired to set goals and work hard to develop their own SAE. Finally it was time to drive back to Missouri.

The National FFA Convention was a chance for members of the FFA to socialize and interact with members from across the United States. It was also a great opportunity for students’ minds to be inspired to always be productive in their communities and in their personal lives.

When Midway FFA President, Megan Yahnig was asked about her National Convention experience, she replied: “It was the most fun and educational school trip I’ve ever been on. I hope I can go again next year.”