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BB vs Archie

By Brooke Daugherty

On Tuesday February 13, the JV Lady Vikings traveled to Archie. It was a close game with the Lady Vikings coming out victorious scoring 44 points to the Whirlwinds’ 42. The top scorers were Morgan Driggs with 14 points and Jessie Humbird with 10.

By Ciara Stricker

On Tuesday, February 13, The Vikings traveled to Archie for a four game night. The JV boys lost, scoring 47 against the Whirlwinds, who barely had them beat, scoring 49. Johnny Humbird led the team, scoring 9 points, followed by Koltin McCuiston with 7.

By Chelsie Kraft

The Midway Varsity Girls played the Archie Whirlwinds on February 13. The girls won the game with a score of 46-35. Bailey Dean led the team in points scoring 20 points.  Makenna Irvin led the girls in rebounding pulling down 12 for the night.    

By Caleb Daugherty

The Midway boys basketball team played the Archie boys on Feb 13. The score was Midway 50 Archie 43. The Highest scorer for the Midway boys was Dawson Driggs with 21 points, followed by Josh Yahnig with 16.