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BB vs Lakeland

                                                            Vikings Face Off

by Caleb Daugherty

The Midway Boys Basketball team played the Lakeland Boys on Friday, February 2. The score was Midway 32 Lakeland 16. The top scorer for the Midway boys was Johnny Humbird with 9 points.

by Kayla Schofield

On February 2, 2018, our Midway varsity girls team played against Lakeland. We took the victory of 49 - 58. The top scorers were MaKenna Irvin, Bailey Dean, and Brielee Hewitt all with the scores of 12 points each.

by Ciara Stricker

On Friday, February 2, the Midway Vikings traveled to Lakeland. The Varsity boys lost their game with a score of 53-62. The boys led for half the game, but started trailing in the last half of the game. Dawson Driggs was the highest scorer of the night, with 22 points, followed by Josh Yahnig with 12.