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BB vs Rich Hill

By Ciara Battin

The JV boys played a close game last night, January 30. The game took place on our home court, and the score was 40-43. Mason Adams, 33, was the top scorer with 10 points, and Johnny Humbird, 3,  was close behind with 9.

By Caleb Daugherty

The Midway girls basketball team played the Rich Hill girls on Tuesday, January 30. The score was Midway 56 Rich Hill 39. The top scorer for the Midway girls was Bailey Dean with 19 points.

By Anna String

The Midway varsity boys played Rich Hill last night, January 30. Josh Yahnig led the team with 14 points, and McCoy trailed behind him with 11. The ending score was 53-39 Rich Hill. The boys’ play again when they travel to Lakeland on Friday, February 2nd.