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FB vs Appleton City

The Vikings Stomp the Bulldogs

By: Braydon Anderson and Justin Hineman

The Midway Vikings beat the Appleton City Bulldogs 34-8 on Friday, September 8. The Vikings scored first with a pass from Josh Yahnig to Kaylob Adams, but missed the PAT. The Vikings scored again with another pass by Yahnig but this time to Xavier Mendoza and the 2-point conversion was good. This ended the first quarter with a score of 14-0. Boog Chandler got his senior touchdown with a dive play up the middle and the PAT was good. Then Jake Purtle went outside and scored and the PAT was good, ending the half with a score of 28-0. The only score in the third quarter was by Spencer Smith with a run up the middle, but missed the PAT, ending the third with a score of 34-0. Appleton finally scored in the fourth quarter and the 2-point conversion was good, ending the game with a score of 34-8.

The Vikings had a total of 327 yards, 95 rushing and 232 passing. Mendoza and Purtle led the team in carries with 9 each; Purtle had 41 yards and Mendoza had 29. Not far behind them was Yahnig with 8 carries for 34 yards, then Moses Morrison with 6 carries for 26 yards. Yahnig went 12 for 12 on passing, his leading receivers were Braydon Anderson, Dawson Driggs, and Mendoza all with 3 catches; Anderson had 13 yards, Driggs had 81, and Mendoza had 51.

The defense had a really good game keeping them to only 1 touchdown and only 173 total offensive yards. Purtle lead the defense in unassisted tackles with 5. Riley Bridgers, Colton Dean, Austin Evins, Duce Giamalva, and Riggs all had 2 unassisted tackles. K. Adams, Chandler, Driggs, Justin Hineman, Mendoza, Jacob Schwarz, Blake Scholl, and Smith all had 1 unassisted tackle. Riggs lead the team in assisted tackles with 5. Dean, Evins, Hineman, and Mendoza were behind him with 3 assisted tackles. Chandler, Thomas Endecott, Morrison, Purtle, Schwarz, Scholl, and Smith all had 1 assisted tackle.

The Vikings will travel to Drexel to play the Bobcats on Spet. 15. Kickoff is at 7pm.

Dawson Driggs makes a spectacular catch for a Viking first down.