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FB vs Lockwood

Midway Vikings VS Lockwood Tigers

By: Braydon Anderson and Justin Hineman

The Midway Vikings’ ended their season against the Lockwood Tigers. The Tigers scored 3 times in the first half making all the PAT attempts, with a score of 0-21. The Vikings didn’t get shut out thanks to a touchdown pass from Josh Yahnig to Jake Purtle but the PAT was missed, ending the third quarter with a score of 6-21. Lockwood scored again in the fourth quarter and made the PAT, ending the game with a score of 6-28.

The Vikings had a total of 213 yards, 32 rushing yards and 181 passing yards. Purtle carried the ball 14 times for 41 yards, Xavier Mendoza carried the ball 4 times for 10 and Mitchell Jurgeson carried the ball twice for 3 yards. Braydon Anderson led the team in receptions with 5 catches for 37 yards, then Dawson Driggs and Jurgeson with 3 each Driggs having 98 yards and Jurgeson having 16, then Purtle with 2 catches for 12 yards.

On the defensive side of the ball Ike Riggs led the team in most unassisted tackles with 7. Behind him was Kaylob Adams, Brandon Chandler, Driggs, and Mendoza with 3 unassisted tackles. Riley Bridgers, Austin Evins, Justin Hineman, Spencer Smith and Yahnig all had 2 unassisted tackles. Riggs also led the team with 6 assisted tackles. Bridgers was behind him with 4 assisted tackles. Chanler, Mendoza, and Purtle all had 3 assisted tackles. The Vikings had 2 defensive turnovers. Dylan Bayard had 1 fumble recovery and Hineman had 1 interception.

Mason Adams had 2 kickoffs for 40 yards. Riggs punted the ball 5 times for 161 yards.