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Vikings VS. MTC Cougars

By: Braydon Anderson and Justin Hineman

The Midway Vikings football team traveled down to Murfreesboro,Tennessee, on August 18 to face a first-week opponent that was different than ever before. Due to Osceola dropping down to 8-man football, Midway was out a week one adversary. It just so happened the Middle Tennessee Cougars were in the same situation.

The Vikings fell to the Cougars, 6-44. The Cougars scored first with a 1-yard touchdown and the a 2-point conversion. The Cougars scored again with a 3-yard run and the 2-point being no good, ending the 1st quarter with a score of 0-14. The Cougars scored again on a QB scramble and made the 2-point. They scored again before the half ended with a touchdown pass and another 2-point conversion, wrapping up first half with a score of 0-30. Middle Tennessee scored first in the second half with a 86-yard run and a good PAT, which put the score up 0-37. Midway finally scored in the 4th quarter with a QB sneak by Josh Yahnig, but the PAT was no good. Middle Tennessee scored again with a 16 yard run with the PAT being good making the final score 6-44.

Midway had a total of 235 yards: 163 passing and 72 rushing. Jake Purtle led the team in rushing the ball with 13 carries for 60 yards. Yahnig went 8/25 in passing for 110 yards. Braydon Anderson had 3/5 receptions for 32 yards. Ike Riggs punted the ball 3 times for 110 yards.

Xavier Mendoza and Justin Hineman made 5 unassisted tackles each. Boog Chandler, Austin Evins, and Jacob Schwarz each made 3 unassisted tackles. Hineman, Purtle and Kaylob Adams led the team in assisted tackles with 4 each. Mendoza and Riggs both had 3 assisted tackles.

The Vikings will face off the Archie Whirlwinds on August 25. Kickoff starts at 7.