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JV FB vs Sherwood

By Aspen Baer

On September 25th, 2017 Midway Junior Varsity football played Sherwood at Midway School. Midway Junior Varsity won 22 to 0. “I think we did pretty good.”-Coach Burchett. Midway Junior Varsity plays Christ Prep on Monday October 2, 2017. Mason Adams scores a touchdown at the 1yd line. Dean passed to young for 2 points. Mason Yahnig intercepted the ball. Moses got a touchdown at the 2 yard line. Swarts did a 52 yard pass from Stahl. Young got a 2 point pass from Stahl. Mason Owens blocked a punt setting up a 1 yard touchdown run by Stahl.

The Jr High Vikings also played against Sherwood, but lost 46-18.