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Senior Night

Volleyball’s Senior Night

October 10, Midway’s Volleyball program hosted their senior night to honor their seven senior players and two managers. The players and managers were recognized individually, alongside their parents and given small gifts to thank them for their dedication.

Senior managers Landon Meerkatz and Chandler Stephens have been with the Volleyball program for two years.

Landon Meerkatz was escorted by his parents, Lance and Brenda Meerkatz.

Chandler Stephens was escorted by his parents as well, Michael and Kara Stephens.

#3, Makenna Irvin, who hits middle and outside, as well as playing back row, has been a part of the Midway Volleyball for four years, and holds the latest kill record with over 800, shattering the previous by about 300. Makenna Irivin was escorted by her parents Karen Bracken and Aaron Irvin.

#7, Jenna Robinson, has also been a part of the Volleyball program for four years. She is a libero. Her parents, Renee and Robert Robinson escorted her.

#8, Brielee Hewitt, who plays outside and backrow, was another senior who has been with the Midway Volleyball program for four years. She was escorted by Chad and Tracy Hewitt

#9, Bailey Dean, another four year member of the program, and backside hitter as well as back row player, was recognised as well. She was escorted by her parents Jennifer and Chad Dean, who have coached her sports throughout the years. When asked what career she would like to pursue, she replied elementary education was what she was interested in.

#13, Jimmy Kalinka has been a member of the program for four years. She is a backside hitter. This year, Jimmy was benched due to an injury, but became another manager for the team. She was escorted by parents Homer Kalinka, Erin Kalinka, and Brandy Kalinka.

#17, Jade Lambertz, who is a backside hitter and four year member of the Midway Volleyball program, was  also recognized. Her parents Jennifer and Jason Lambertz.