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Pancakes with parents

10th Annual Pancakes with Parents

photo by Jake Lambertz

C.J. Chamberlain is the New Flippin’ Champion!

“Mr. Dean has lost his crown to the new girl in town,” according to Midway Food Services Director Donna Hoover. The 10th annual Pancakes with Parents breakfast was held in the Midway cafeteria the morning of Oct. 17.  The cafeteria served 51 adult visitors and 136 student participants.

Six faculty competitors flipped pancakes to compete for the title of 2013 Pancake Flipping King or Queen. Newcomer C.J. Chamberlain stole the crown from last year’s champ Chad Dean with 110 pancake flips.  Other competitors were past champ Bryan Stahl, hometown favorite Jesse Richardson, newbie Brad Meredith, and veteran Susan Tinich.

Several Midway faculty helped out, and according to Hoover, “whether you came and cheered, washed dishes, served syrup, or covered someone’s bus duty so they could participate, the Midway family is the embodiment of teamwork.  When we say the word ‘team’ we say it, we mean it, we do it.  That teamwork is what makes me proud to be part of Midway.”