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Stop Spam
Here are a few things you can do to regain sole control of your e-mail account and stop the person who has control of your account from using it to send spam.

1) Change the password of your account TODAY!!!

2) If you use this e-mail account as a contact for any on-line banking or credit card accounts, go change those account passwords TODAY!! Your money is in jeopardy of being stolen because the person who is sending spam as you can easily request password changes on your behalf and transfer your money to their accounts!

3) Turn on 2-step login (sometimes called 2-factor authentication) on the account to protect your account from having this happen in the future. Directions for Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are below.

4) If you used the password of this e-mail account on any other websites, go change it there, too. Miscreants on the Internet are taking advantage of people using the same password on multiple sites and this puts your other accounts in jeopardy of being accessed by someone else. While you are changing the password, make sure to use a different password on every site so you protect yourself even further.

5) If you are not already monitoring your credit through annualcreditreport.com, consider doing that. It is free and could alert you if someone is trying to get credit as you.

6) Make sure your Anti-Virus application is running and updated and run a full scan. If you do not have a current Anti-Virus program, Microsoft Security Essentials is free and does a good job.

How to setup 2-step login on the major mail sites.
YahooMail: This page on the YahooMail blog site gives the directions on how to do this.

Gmail: This page on the Gmail site gives the directions on how to do this.

Hotmail (Windows Live): This page gives the directions on how to do this. You have to go about half way down to find the directions on Windows Live.