Central Office and Support Staff

Position Name Phone E-Mail

Superintendent Angela Gibson 816-250-2994 x.201 agibson@midwayk12.net

Superintendent’s Secretary Carol Irvin 816-250-2994 x.202 cirvin@midwayk12.net

Director of Special Education

and Federal Programs Hannah Newkirk 816-250-2994 x.203 hnewkirk@midwayk12.net

Bookkeeper Dana Irvin 816-250-2994 x.204 dirvin@midwayk12.net

Food Service Director Donna Hoover 816-250-2994 x.207 dhoover@midwayk12.net

School Nurse Karen Salisbury 816-250-2994 x.404 ksalisbury@midwayk12.net

Transportation Ronda Damron 816-250-2994 x.205 ronda.damron@applebuscompany.com

Building and Grounds

Technology Coordinator Adam Markley 816-250-2994 x.306 amarkley@midwayk12.net