Any questions regarding student enrollment please contact schoolnotes@midwayk12.net or call 816-250-2994.

Midway R-I Enrollment

Returning Students - For the 2020-21 school year

Returning families will need to update any changes in directory information (address, phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, etc.). Please email those changes to schoolnotes@midwayk12.net. Returning students will also need to fill out the Illness and Injury Response document below. The document can be digitally filled out and emailed back, printed and physically returned, or you may obtain one from the school. Returning students may also need the Free/Reduced lunch application below.

The following questionnaire must also be completed per student. https://forms.gle/DiC6cRzKDfBRkywa8

New Students

New students must complete an enrollment packet. Forms may be completed digitally and emailed to schoolnotes@midwayk12.net. Forms can also be printed, filled out, and turned in to the Midway Elementary or High School offices. Copies of the enrollment packet may also be picked up from the elementary or high school Offices. The ENROLLMENT PACKAGE.zip file below contains all the forms.

· All forms must be filled out per student.

· Bus Information-Provides ‘To’ and ‘From’ busing information.

· Illness and Injury Response and Prevention-Provides health information about your student and allows us permission to treat minor ailments. (Must be filled out once per year.)

· Student Household Info-Main student enrollment form

· Student Record Release-Allows Midway to request records from you student’s previous school. (Only for students transferring from another school district.)

The following questionnaire must also be completed per student. https://forms.gle/DiC6cRzKDfBRkywa8

Residency Requirement Checklist

Address Verification (Must have two proofs of verification.) Address verification may be scanned or photographed and attached with enrollment documents or brought in to the elementary or high school offices.

· Rental Contract

· Real Estate Contract signed by all parties

· Utilities Bill/Deposit Receipt

· Other, such as payroll check, driver’s license, W-4, employment documents, registration

Basis for Admission of Student (167.020 RSMo)

· Resides with parent in school district

· Resides with legal guardian in the school district (Copy of court ordered guardianship must be attached)

· Homeless child (person less than 21 years of age who lacks a fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence) including a child who is:

a) Living on the street, in a car, abandoned building or other form of shelter not designated as a permanent home.

b) Living in a community shelter.

c) Living in transitional housing for less than one year.