MSHSAA Physical Changes Info Parent/Guardian Concussion Guide

Options for Families

#1 - Get a new physical this year (2 Forms to complete)

  • Physical is good for two years from the date of the physical.

  • Parents/Athlete must still complete the Annual Pre-Participation Form.

#2 - Use physical from last year (1 form to complete)

  • Parents/Athlete must still complete the Annual Pre-Participation Form.

  • Parents will need to secure a new physical prior to 20-21 school year to ensure that the physical does not expire prior to the season that your son/daughter will participate in.

#3 - All incoming 7th-grade athletes and any student that does not have a physical on file must get a physical this year. (2 Forms to complete)

Examples of Expiring Physicals

A current physical that a student may have on file with the school may be valid for next school year under the new bylaw. Example: A physical that was received on August 2, 2018, is now valid until August 2, 2020.

Example: A physical that was received May 29, 2018, is now valid until May 29, 2020.

Example: A physical that was received February 2, 2018, is now valid until February 2, 2020.

NOTE: In the event that a physician has specifically noted that a PPE (physical) is valid for “less than” a two period or student/parent has noted that a student has endured a medical or health condition since their last PPE (physical) the school is advised to request a new PPE (physical form), or at a minimum, secure a written medical release from a physician for the student to be released to return to or to continue participation. It is recommended that the written medical release from the student’s attending physician be retained on file with the student’s most recent physical form.

Highlights/Other Facts

  • Almost all physicals that students had for the 18-19 school year will be valid for the 19-20 school year. Only physicals that were dated from February 1st, 2018 to June 5, 2018, will expire during the school year that could have been used for last year to meet the physical requirement.

  • All physicals must be on the MSHSAA approved the form. The form is available in the links below.

  • Annual Requirement - Every year students and parents must fill out the PRE-Participation Documentation includes an update to medical history, contact information, insurance information, and concussion awareness.

  • Families still have the option of getting a new physical each year to submit to the school.

  • The school district will send parents reminder notifications prior to the date of the physical expiring at 30 and 60-day notifications.

  • No student is allowed to participate without a Physical Form, Pre-Participation Form, and Proof of Insurance.

  • If your son/daughter does not have insurance coverage, the school has an insurance program that parents can purchase to meet the insurance requirement for participation.

New MSHSAA Physical Form -

NEW MSHSAA Pre-Participation Form (Required for everyone) -

If you get a new physical, please turn them into the HS/MS Office or give to your Head Coach or Athletic Director prior to the season.


2-Year Physical Form

2-Year Physical Form.pdf

Physical Pre-Participation Evaluation

2019-20 New Pre-participation Annual Requirments -English.pdf