Midway Elementary Library Media Center

Librarian Ashley Lile (alile@midwayk12.net)

Library Schedules

Monday = Ms. Tarwater and Ms. Minta

Tuesday = Mrs. Grimes , Mrs. Gartman, and Mrs. Flanagan

Wednesday = Mrs. Spies, Ms. Lyons, and Mr. Garrison

Thursday = Ms. Kurzweil, Mrs. Brumbaugh, and Mrs. Brown

Friday = Ms. Schacher, Ms. Carver, and Mrs. Jordan

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What Are We Reading?

Kindergarten Book of the Week:

1st-3rd Grades Book of the Week: Show Me Book Catch Up Week due to Snow Days!

4th-6th Grades Book of the Week: Students will study many books on our U.S. Presidents.

2019-2020 Missouri Award Books

Mrs. Lile will read all 10 of the Show Me Award nominees to 1st-3rd grades in class. All students, 1st-3rd grades, will then vote in March on their favorite!

Grades 4-6 students can voluntarily read the Mark Twain Award nominees, and if they read 4 or more, they may vote in March on which book they believe deserves the Missouri Mark Twain Award!

You can find more info at https://maslonline.org/awards/readers-awards/

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